Social Media on Fire As Wizkid’s Babymama, Shola Shares Their Chat History to Prove She’s Not a ‘Money Hungry Hoe’

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Days ago, Nigerian artist Wizkid posted on social media about his appreciation for his third and most recent babymama Jada, who lives in London with his son.

He also went on to say she’s different, unlike the other ‘money hungry hoes,’ referring to his first two babymamas, Shola and Diamond, who have both accused him of negligence and contempt.

In a bid to clear her name, Shola, his first babymama, with whom he has a seven year old son shared a post on social media containing their chats over the years, detailing Wizkid’s negligence for their son and his bad influence on the child.

Nigerians have been divided on the matter on social media, as you can see below:

Whatapp News