Artist urges Nigerians to work for positive change in Nigeria

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By Nkiru Ifeajuna


Lagos  –      A script writer and film producer, Victor Negro, on Monday, said that Nigeria will never make enduring progress except the citizens resolve positively to bring change and progress.

Negro told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, in an interview, that at 58, Nigeria is at crossroads and still talking about election inconsistencies.

“If citizens resolve to positively bring change and progress in Nigeria, it will see its growth, because lack of development is self imposed by the citizens.

“Without the citizens, there will be no Nigeria and every hand must be on deck for Nigeria to grow.

“It is ridiculous when an average citizen blames the government for every problem and any trouble in the country; government themselves do not help matters.

“Government use Nigerians to accomplish its individual policies because most of their policies are not citizen friendly,’’ he said.

Negro said that if Nigeria is at a standstill, it is because the citizens have become stumbling blocks in the wheel of her progress.

“When I speak of citizens, it does not exclude those in government appointments; I am saying that collectively we have stagnated the development of Nigeria. We should be ashamed of ourselves,” he said.

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Negro also an author said “I am not satisfied with where we are as a nation, because we are underdeveloped viewed from all development yardsticks.”

He stressed that the country has huge potentials, both human and material, to attain greater heights than where “we are today”.

Negro, however, said that every Nigerian should realise that whatever negative things they do percolates and becomes part of the big problem Nigeria faces.

“Let us shun corrupt practices and tendencies as a people. Let us embrace the dignity of humble service, which contributes to the common good.

“Let us also agree on the basis for the existence in a nation of divergent constituent parts. You cannot have a marriage that is un-negotiated; such may not last,” he said.

Negro also said those in authority must address the national question to give every Nigerian a sense of belonging.

“I know that persons at the corridors of power `mouth’ the so called indivisibility of Nigeria, but does the average Nigerian believe in Nigeria? I do not think so.

“It is the duty of those in leadership to find out why and tackle such issues, especially, ethnic divisibility, religious bigotry and other things that bring disunity.”

He added that it is not enough to say that Nigeria should not disintegrate, but yet nothing is being done in tangible terms to prevent such disintegration.

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Negro added that Nigeria would not grow without tackling corruption decisively and conclusively, “if we intend to make enduring progress”.

He lamented that Nigeria have no long term plans as a nation, but instead only “like short cuts and fire alarm approaches”.

According to him, the youths are not made to take to sports and entertainment, because of lack of structures.

“The oil industry is not functioning as it ought to, the economy is not moving in the right direction, we set up committees, at the end of the day, nothing happens.

“I believe that Nigeria will continue to evolve in the direction of our greatest wishes and desires as a people.

“ It is not a question of prayers. It is a question of doing the right things. It is said that God will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

“Put differently, God Almighty will work with you, but not for you. We must be prepared to do our own part. For now, that resolution seems to be lacking,” he said.

Negro further said that government has to set up regulations and policies to close up abnormalities in the arts industry.

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“Also, it would help the industry if there is a fund like an investment to keep the industry expanding, because lots of the jobs are in the entertainment industry,’’ he said.

He urged Nigerians to perform their civic duty in the coming election in 2019.

“It is our duty to ensure that those who govern us at every level of our national life are able to deliver on their promises.

“For those who don’t have their PVC, they should ensure they get theirs. We all want the best for the country and we must prove it through our civic power,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer, Naijapals, an IT company, Mr Victor Maranzu said that Nigeria since independence had witnessed series of problems.

“It appears that over the years we are regressing and the dreams of our founding fathers are yet to be seen.

“Our unity as a nation has never been so challenged, at a time when terrorism, insecurity, poverty and ethnic rivalry seems to be the order of the day.

“There is virtually nothing to be satisfied about considering recent events in the nation and inability of our leaders to tackle the numerous problems facing the nation,” he said.

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