JAMB: Is The Cinderella Story Still On? By Ken Tadaferua

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Last year, one of the very few, if only, great story of the Buhari administration exploded from the offices of JAMB, one of the backwater agencies of government.

Mr Ishaq Oloyede, the new JAMB registrar did a Houdini, pulling off an extraordinary feat. He did remit N5.177 billion in just one year (2017) to the national treasury compared to the less than a cumulative N40 million remitted in the prior five years by the same agency.

We celebrated Mr Oloyede. Then as usual with us, all was forgotten, all became quiet on the JAMB front. We really do need updates on JAMB’s new lease of life.

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It would thus be great to know:
• Is Mr Oloyede still driving efficiency and integrity in JAMB?
• What is the returns of JAMB for the 2018 financial year? Is it a handsome boost over 2017?
• What did EFCC do about the fellow or fellows who managed JAMB in the five years prior 2017? Have they coughed out the billions they probably corralled into private pockets in that period?

It certainly will make great reading, an in-depth interview with Mr Oloyede on his style of management for the sake of the general public and particularly as lessons for the hundreds of government ministries, parastatals and agencies guzzling free loot in this country.

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