Rapper Fabolous Is Facing ‘Domestic Violence’ Charges

Rapper Fabolous
Rapper Fabolous

US rapper Fabolous is allegedly in trouble over a felony charge for domestic assault. The star whose real name is John David Jackson has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend, Love and Hiphop star Emily Butamante.

TMZ the celebrity blog reported that Fabolous has been charged by a New Jersey Jury for four counts of felony charged including, “domestic violence with significant bodily injury, threatening to kill and one possession of a weapon (a pair of scissors).

Bustamante accused Fabulous of hitting her several times and knocking off two of her teeth.

Although the couple was spotted together after the report.

It is unclear the nature of their current relationship but if he is found guilty he will face five years in prison.(Guardian.ng)


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