Ganduje and His Indefensible Malfeasance, By Samuel Ajayi

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Ganduje. The man who promised Buhari FIVE MILLION VOTES in 2019 elections is enmeshed in a dibilitating scandal. But that’s not the news.

The news is that Buhari e-kids are not defending him. And that is very unusual. Reason? They always defend anything directly or indirectly connected to Buhari. No matter how ridiculous.

Sources say Aso Rock has established that the videos are not only REAL, but shockingly AUTHENTIC and there are even more. Reason Buhari handlers and BMC goons have been CRIMINALLY SILENT.

But what does this teach us?

Corruption is PARTY BLIND. As far as Nigeria is concerned, POLITICIANS ARE THE SAME. So when some low minds tell you we don’t want looters to return, ask them: did looters ever leave?

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If PDP wins next year and decides to open books, some Buhari defenders will nearly commit suicide in shame. We know the rape going on presently which, if we tell them now, they will never believe.

Ganduje was only not smart enough. He preferred dollars to cover his tracks. But he never knew someone was smarter than him.

This is one scandal, if swept under the carpet, that will confirm Buhari’s hypocrisy and double standards.

Imagine if it was Fayose that was caught on video collecting dollars. Just imagine…

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