That Royal Visit: The Task Masters are Back, By Chiadikaobi Obas

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Since last week, the Nigerian media and political spaces have been agog with the news of the Royal Visit by Britain’s Prince Charles. It’s another milestone achievement for the APC Federal Government especially at this critical time. “It’s an evidence that PMB is accepted everywhere”.

Before you celebrate, let’s dissect it:
1. When was the last time the British royal family visited Nigeria?
2. When was the last time that the British PM visited Nigeria and what was his or her mission?
3. When last did a British PM and royal family visit Nigeria in succession?

The British have NO FREE MEAL. They cannot give it to their citizens how much more Africans or Nigerians.

There are two probable reasons why Nigeria has become the Beautiful Bride.
1. Like the environmentalists would warn, the ozone layer is depleting (the wetin wetin menini menini ice is melting). Same is happening to the British economy since they voted to leave EU. And they must find a new dumping ground. And guess what? Nigeria is Britain’s readily available and willing-cum-accessible Man Friday.

2. China is becoming a threat to other colonialists. While the colonized territories held by Britain, France, Spain etc were living in ignorance in the 18th and 19th centuries, China is colonizing educated, intelligent but ever-willing new subjects in the 21st century. Britain cannot afford to lose its puppy or allow its ever-ready errand boy to be taken by another. And as Jimanze Ego-Alowes would say, Ahịa azụwa!

And trust Unku Lai to embark on a cheap propaganda, he’ll not tell you what Britain will be benefitting.

What do I even know?

But, ya dịba!

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