The Economist False Endorsement of Atiku and the Connection Between Things, By Sam Adesanmi

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Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar

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Looks like Atiku and his peeps couldn’t resist the urge to tell a little lie, claiming and chest-beating that Atiku had been endorsed by The Economist. Turned out they were lying.

Their nemeses – Buhari and his own hordes – have grabbed the gotcha moment with both hands. Not that they too would not have rolled out the drums to celebrate had The Economist endorsed Bubu.

This is why our work of public instruction is so important. I have been teaching about dignity and self-worth for a very long time on this Wall. Some of my critics say it is too much grammar or too abstract.

I always forgive them because they do not understand these things. The cannot see the connection between things.

It is a fundamental lack of understanding of the dynamics of dignity that would make a major aspirant to the highest office in Africa’s most populous nation aspire to an endorsement by The Economist – and failing to get it, lie about it.

The Economist – the official mouthpiece of all the ideological and superstructural forces of the neocolonial conquest and dehumanization of the African.

An endorsement by The Economist should in fact be considered a stain on the dignity of the office he is aspiring to occupy.

The same national psyche of self-abasement which makes a man and his followers desire The Economist’s endorsement accounts for the ugly spectacle of Nigeria’s highest thrones agreeing to sit behind the son of their counterpart on the throne of England. Prince Charles is not their equivalent. Their equivalent is his mother.

Lack of dignity. The connection between things…

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