Certificate Forgery: Is it “Mohamed Buhari” or “Muhammadu Buhari”? By Farooq Kperogi

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My friend Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde tried to impeach the credibility of a response sent to an inquiry by a Nigerian requesting WAEC in Ghana to confirm if a “Mohamed Buhari” took WASC exam in 1961. WAEC in Ghana found no record for “Mohamed Buhari.”

“The clown didn’t even have the patience to learn the President’s name and write it correctly,” Tilde wrote. Well, actually, the inquirer isn’t a clown. Look at the first photo: it’s a copy of the statement of result Buhari’s school in Katsina released to the public in 2014. In it, Buhari’s name is spelled as “Mohamed Buhari,” NOT “Muhammadu Buhari.”

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Also look at the second photo: it’s a copy of the recommendation letter Buhari’s school principal wrote to the Nigerian Army in 1961. In it, too, Buhari’s name was spelled as “Mohamed Buhari,” NOT “Muhammadu Buhari.” Apparently, as I pointed out in my Saturday column, Buhari was known as “Mohamed Buhari” in the official records of his secondary school. That was why the Nigerian who inquired about Buhari’s records in the WAEC office in Ghana used “Mohamed” instead of “Muhammadu.”

Curiously, the “attestation” that WAEC issued to Buhari at the Presidential Villa has “Muhammadu” instead of “Mohamed.” That’s the clearest proof, for me, that either the 2014 statement of result from his school or the attestation from WAEC is a forgery. Both can’t be simultaneously correct. That doesn’t speak well for a man of “integrity.” CC: Nuruddeen M. Abdallah

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