Revisiting the Fraud of 2015 and the Fake Patriot Game, By Samuel Ajayi

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In 2015, supporting Buhari made you a patriot!

In fact, the Buhari crowd, both home and abroad, made it look like a sacred national duty when campaigning for him. Anyone against him was Nigeria’s enemy.

When you supported Jonathan, you must have been paid to do so.

And why? Because of the corruption tale that was cleverly weaved into the campaign narrative and which was made the SOLE issue. Jonathan was portrayed as the face of corruption and anyone supporting him or making case for him MUST also be a thief.

Three and half years on, with the National Chairman of the ruling party enmeshed in corruption scandal and tales upon tales of massive sleaze keep oozing out of Abuja, Nigerians now know better.

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Some of the things people like us were called names for in 2015 have come back to haunt us. And what were they?

* You need more than I-am-not-a-thief to run a modern state.

* Only a FOOL could have cannonised a politician for moving from PDP to APC as many did in 2013/14.

* Buhari was packaged so FRAUDULENTLY beyond his deliverability. And we can all see now!

* Ideas run modern states. Not blame game and corruption sloganeering.

Now that the eyes of many who fell for the fraud of 2015 have opened, let’s collectively say:

Never again!

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