Israeli Defence Minister’s Resignation and Lessons for Nigerian Public Officer, By Samuel Ajayi

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Israeli Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has resigned from his position because President Benjamin Nentanyau signed the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire truce with Palestinian armed groups.

While I TOTALLY DISAGREE with his reasons for being against the truce and for his resignation, I salute public officers who stay catholic to their convictions.

How I wish we have public officers in Nigeria who can resign because they disagree with policies of governments they serve.

For so long, we have always had ministers and top aides who are so frustrated with the direction the governments they serve are going. But they usually grumble IN THEIR CLOSETS. If you listen to them privately, you will pity them. I have met quite a few like that.

But ask them: “Why don’t you resign sir?”

They respond: “Oh…politics is not like that. If I resign, my state and my people will lose out and politically, I too may be finished. Secondly, if I resign, how do I influence appointments for my people and projects for my area?”

It is NEVER about service to the nation. It is always about the SELF!

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