APC and the Time Bomb in Akwa Ibom, By Samuel Ajayi

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If APC has become popular in Akwa Ibom State as my beloved brother, Patryk Edeke, has been trying to make us believe, you would NEVER attempt to use FIVE lawmakers to impeach a governor or a Speaker ‘elected’ by just five lawmakers (INCLUDING HIMSELF) in an Assembly of almost THIRTY members.

We have had extensive talks and I can understand the political frustrations of the Oron Nation in the state. But hey, there is a difference between POLITICKING and OUTRIGHT BRIGANDAGE!

And anywhere in the world, politics is a game of numbers. If you don’t have the numbers, you can never change anything.

Suddenly becoming a “hailer” and relying on brute force to change things will only set the state on fire!

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And Buhari or el-Rufai won’t be the losers.

But the people of Akwa Ibom State.

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