PDP, APC Governors: Same Lifestyle, Different Money ‘Sources,’ By Samuel Ajayi

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PDP governor has house in Lekki. APC governor also has VGC.

PDP governor has house in Maitama in Abuja. APC governor has in Asokoro.

PDP governor has house in GRA, Ikeja. APC governor has in Magodo, Lagos.

PDP governor’s kids attend schools in United Kingdom. APC governor sends his own to US.

PDP governor goes for medical tourism in Germany. APC governor goes to India.

PDP governor has a house in Dubai. APC governor has an estate in South Africa.

PDP governor spends pounds sterling during election. APC governor is spending dollars.

PDP governor has an estate in his state capital. APC governor has in Lagos.

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PDP governor bribes INEC. APC governor bribes police.

PDP governor uses thugs. APC governor uses Drivers Union and cult guys.

My Take:
Yet. I say yet, my dear APC and Buhari supporters will tell you they don’t want looters to come back or PDP is a den of thieves.

Someone should tell me how APC governors and politicians make their own monies so I can join them. They seem to have money making tactics that are EXCLUSIVE to them.

And perhaps, also to Buhari supporters.

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