2019: Attacks on Atiku and the Emerging ‘Osinbajo Script’ By Samuel Ajayi

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Months back, I stumbled on reasons we have many presidential candidates. And the involvement of the ruling party in the emergence of some of the candidates of some of these smaller parties. Including some that will shock you!

I first dismissed this until a couple of months back when I was in Abuja. I will do a comprehensive and detailed post on some of the undercurrents and the involvement of the office of the Vice-President in the manipulations very soon.

And why am I bringing this up now?

I will NEVER join the Atiku Choral Group. I have told his foot soldiers who approached me long ago. If he benefits, VICARIOUSLY, from my criticisms of APC and Buhari, congratulations to him.

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But the incessant but vitriolic attacks by a number of presidential candidates on Atiku have made me to start wondering if they see Atiku as more of a threat than Buhari, who has all the power of incumbency.

Or are they (the attacks) part of the high level script which even many of these presidential candidates are NOT even aware of but which they are executing by PROXY?

NB: This post for those who could discern enough. I am coming.

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