Between Politics, Elections and the Question of Legitimacy, By Samuel Ajayi

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No Nigerian politician, who has contested at least, senatorial election (not to talk of governorship election), can tell me he is clean.


A family friend came last week and she was telling what politician in PDP can do and what another one in APC can do. I laughed at her naivete. Obviously, her emotions were working on her.

Earn these guys’ trust and confidence. Let them lower their guards and tell you how they go about winning elections and you will be shocked.

Let them also tell you how they FUND elections and how they use cult guys and other roughnecks to intimidate opponents and disrupt elections.

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Above all, at the highest level, let them tell you how they manipulate state institutions like police, army, DSS, INEC, EFCC to gain CRIMINALLY UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

When they let you into these things then you know why our democracy is like this. You know why civil rule is not really benefitting the people.

Critically linked to POLITICS is ELECTIONS. If you don’t get the FORMER right, the next thing is to manipulate the LATTER. What is the result? LEGITIMACY is never a reflection of the wishes of the people.

If we don’t clean up our politics, the only thing that legitimises our democracy is the money-gulping ritual of periodic elections and the razzmatazz that goes with it. Just as we are doing towards 2019 presently.

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So sad.

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