Aisha Buhari’s Rant and Those Who Really ‘Own’ Buhari, By Samuel Ajayi

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Aisha Buhari should be told that those he said were frustrating her husband are only REAPING REWARDS ON INVESTMENT. And I will explain.

First, in terms of INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY and UNDERSTANDING of MODERN GOVERNANCE, Buhari is light years behind. Those who propped this man in 2015 knew this. I have had the opportunity of listening to a few of them and their aides. What they say will shock you!

Even one of his present campaign coordinators told me and I quote:

“It is only our own selfishness that could have warranted us pushing Buhari for second term.”

I did not hear from third party but from his own mouth.

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All those who latched on his cult-like followership in the North in 2015 knew how weak he was (AND STILL IS). This is one aspect of him they shielded from voters concentrating, instead, on some fake anti-corruption pedigree.

In the hands of these guys, Buhari is a TOOL. A ruthless but effective access to the national till. What they are currently doing is return on investment.

Aisha, moan till tomorrow. She knows these guys not only own her husband. They also own her. If not for them, you won’t be First Lady today.

When you have a weakling as a leader, closest aides become demigods. They decide what happens in the corridors of power. And what they decide is not always the common good. It is always for the self.

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And that is what is happening.

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