Desire to Restore Citizens’ Equality, Justice Spurs Me to Serve – AIG (rtd) Charles Ugomuoh

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Call him a man without blemish and you won’t be wrong, the Imo east senatorial candidate of the Accord party, AIG (rtd) Dr. Charles Ugomuoh is a leader and administrator per excellence who rose to the management position in Nigerian Police Force.

In this exclusive interview with the Sundiata Post Assistant News Editor,Chibuike Nwabuko,  AIG (rtd) Dr. Charles Ugomuoh gives insight as to how his carrier has prepared him to be the best representative for his senatorial zone in the red chamber when the 9th senate will be inaugurated next year.

He exposes the rots in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and how he left the party and pitched tent with the Accord Party.

The erudite AIG (rtd) also unfolds how, in his course of duty, he has been able to criss-cross the length and breadth of the country and how it has equipped him with the right understanding of resolving diverse differences, which will be intends to bring to bear through appropriate laws and legislation.



Qstn: Sir, You rose to the position of Assistant Inspector General of Police, before you retired, how has your career prepared you for the position you are ascribing for?

You know that in policing you meet a lot of people, more importantly, I have been able to reach out to more people in the north, people in the south, east and west in my course of duty and it has been wonderful. I worked to the level of management of police so it has prepared me a lot having to relate with different types of people in terms of their religion, culture, well-being and more importantly, having Nigeria as my base, it has been wonderful. That is why I want to deploy that experience in the service of my people, to act as a bridge between my people and the rest of the other regions of the country.

Qstn: Sir, What is your driving force, what is your motivation to enter into politics, considering that many see politics and politicking in Nigeria as murky and also not devoid of witch-hunting?

If you don’t come into leadership you cannot effectively serve the interest of your people. Like I told you, I want to serve as a bridge between my people in Imo East senatorial district and other parts of the country trying to bring to the table something like equity, citizenship equality; to see everybody as equal and give equal opportunity to everybody. More especially being in the service, I can impact positively on security.

Because when I was in the service, I was the National Chairman for the curtailment of cattle rustling in Nigeria and I had to try to curb the issue of cattle herders and farmers clashes. I tried to make them live in peace and peace was restored. But since I was retired, nobody has taken over that position and it has been killing here today, killing there tomorrow; damage farmers’ crops here today and news of damage there tomorrow. So being in the police force has impacted positively in me and I would use it to the service of my people. I can reach out the MDAs, (Ministry, Departments and Agencies) and a lot of value will be attracted to my constituency.

You cannot be on the fence because you feel that there are body traps here and there. I have been a police officer and I rose to the rank of Assistant Inspector General (AIG) and I have met some tougher situations and issues and they were all solved so, I am going to be part of it, I cannot be scared because I have handled tougher issues so I can use it to impact positively. All I am after is the development of my area- economic development and industrialization of the area. All these things can impact positively by relating to the Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) and then attracting facilities that will improve the well-being of my area.

Qstn: Sir you first pitched tent with APGA- a party that is popular in the south east, why did you leave APGA to Accord Party and what are your chances in Accord Party?

We saw APGA as formed on the basis of “Nke a bu nke anyi” (this is our own) and  in that aspect, everybody identified with it as a platform  to bring other bodies together to negotiate with other regions just like what happened in the West. But it came to a point where APGA found it difficult to invent and reinvent itself. To manage the cluster of highly placed personalities that came to APGA. At that time, things started crumbling. I cannot be waiting for APGA to get itself right. The people that are to run this election here and there are all reaped off in terms of extortion and it was the highest bidder kind of exercise in APGA. So the values that made us come to APGA dwindled and as such we have to find alternative platform and I have to go into Accord party and I was able to secure the senatorial seat under Accord Party. I found Accord party’s manifesto to be worthwhile in terms of restructuring, federal federalism and other issues as fairness, justice, equity fall into my original plan of joining APGA. Well, I didn’t just go to Accord Party, my people came to me and said look, Accord Party is the place and that is where we are going to give you support. So here I am.

QSTN: So what are your chances in Accord Party?

Well, the chances are very bright because if you go to Imo State right now, you can’t say any political party is supreme. We have just talked about what has happened to APGA, it has happened to the All Progressives Congress (APC); even the PDP, they are in court so my chance in Accord Party is very bright. I have really toured all the nine constituencies and I received a lot of applause and it is now an issue of personality now because when you are talking about chances, you ask yourself, how many AIG’s are in the race. And they know that it is an opportunity and there has been a massive support here and there and I am encouraged by it I must be honest with you.  By the grace of God, I will be there to represent my people in the senate come 2019.

Qstn: Finally sir, are you a grass root person and what have you done to your people to show they can trust you to represent them at the red chamber?

You see, in terms of security, you cannot say you have done this or that after coming from the security service but what happens is this, any of my people, apart from the people in my constituency, all over the country, that has security issues that come to me, I solve it for them and they are happy. I am a catholic too, I recalled when there was a problems with Ahiara Diocese and the Cathedral was locked up and I directed the Commissioner of Police (CP) and it was opened. Two catholic priests were detained at Ahiazu police station, I directed the Division Police Office (DPO) and with my calling the Commissioner of Police and his intervention, they were all released. So even in terms of infrastructural development, it is on record and I cannot begin to say all the things I have done but my peoples appreciate it a lot. That accounts for the mass support that I receive from them.



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