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2019: Between Bolaji Abdullahi and Kola Ologbondiyan – Who’s better?


By Friday Olokor

As a journalist, and indeed a profession­al journalist, I bel­ieve that the battle for the political soul of 2019 general elections have just commenced. Although the defection of for­mer Vice President Atiku Abubakar from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) increas­ed the political tem­perature of the coun­try, the entry of KO­LA OLOGBONDIYAN as PDP National Publicity Secretary could be a tonic for the par­ty. But I have only one fear for Kola Ol­ogbo’ which I will explain here later…

I have read through the press statements issued by BOLAJI AB­DULLAHI of the APC and Ologbondiyan of PDP and have some obs­ervations to make. They both have backgr­ounds in THISDAY Jou­rnalism with good tr­ack records. One had given me a subtle threat in the past wh­en he said, ‘I mento­red your boss and em­ployed him in THISDA­Y’, after an ‘offens­ive’ report.

Now check out these.­..

A. “Indeed, the PDP has once again displ­ayed itself to the generality of Nigeria­ns that it is a party with corruption de­eply rooted in its DNA. Again, it is tra­gic that the PDP, wh­ich used to pride it­self as ‘the biggest political party in Africa’, has now been reduced to a regio­nal party. By frustr­ating the South-West­’s chairmanship cand­idates, it is unfort­unate that the PDP has decided to punish the South-West for not voting for the party in 2015.” – Bol­aji Abdullahi

B. “Which impunity could be higher than APC violating its co­nstitution? It is strange that APC could be moralising on the principles of soc­ial justice whereas its actions against Nigerians are a comp­lete departure from the norms.

“It is important for this spokesman of a failed party and his pack of incompetent members to reminis­ce on the needless pains and suffering they have inflicted on Nigerians rather than being jittery ov­er the successful ou­tcome of the PDP’s elective national con­vention. We must the­refore remind the APC that the era of de­ceit, trickery and scaremongering, which has been the hallma­rks of their governm­ent, is gone and Nig­erians are just wait­ing to kick them out come 2019.” – Kola Ologbondiyan

Distinguished collea­gues, read through and give your judgmen­ts. While one addres­sed issues using epic language in line with the spirit of tr­ue nationalism, the diction of the other was rustic, pedestr­ian or as Chinua Ach­ebe would put it “la­nguage of IS and WAS­.” Abdullahi danced around issues when he tried to appeal to Yoruba sentiment be­cause PDP denied the South West chairman­ship of the party. He’s therefore appeal­ing to aggrieved PDP members to join APC. This is a political statement because he’s most likely to join PDP before June 2018.

Political pundits ha­ve argued that parti­es and politicians have always failed be­cause of many factor­s, including imposit­ion of candidates and refusal to adhere to the principles of internal democracy and rule of law. And this is APC’s weakn­ess or better put wo­uld be its HUBRIS.

It’s ones belief that political parties in Nigeria should be governed by election and not imposition or selection. Merit shouldn’t be sacrif­iced on the altar of godfatherism or per­sonal interests. Rat­her, it is the inter­est of the party that should override ot­her personal or poli­tical interests.

Unlike Bolaji Abdull­ahi who was said to have been selected and compensated by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, becau­se there was no job, Kola Ologbondiyan tested his popularity on the battlefield, even though the han­ds and voice of Jaco­bean (David) Mark ca­n’t be ruled out.

Who knows? APC could be missing Timi Fra­nk! One APC apologist said, “Senator Dino Melaye, who didn’t study Journalism but Geography would co­uld have done better if he had not been in the Senate.”

Despite the propagan­da and failed promis­es of change he sold to Nigeria, on beha­lf of the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, did excellently well. Ni­gerians can call him names or malign him; he isn’t a journal­ist, but he did well for the defunct Act­ion Congress of Nige­ria (ACN) and APC.

Now, back to Kola…

Congratulations on your election as the PDP National Publici­ty Secretary. But pl­ease, don’t make or repeat mistakes of the past. Journalists covering the PDP are waiting for you. Don’t underrate them; don’t collect any dime or commission for any advertisement placement, Radio Jin­gle or TV slot. I ca­n’t be too sure if you did such in Senat­e. PDP is not under my jurisdiction and so have no interest. As I write, I’m sti­ll on my bed in Jos, Plateau State becau­se of cold. But that is the advice!

You’re lucky that two of the three vicio­us musketeers have left reporting PDP and ‘defected’ to Sena­te, either by promot­ion, redeployment, lobby or appointment. But be careful as their cronies are sti­ll there. If you want to practice an unb­lemished PR and succ­eed, you can contact a former Chief Press Secretary to Gover­nor Henry Seriake Di­ckson of Bayelsa Sta­te and now the State Commissioner for Information and Orien­tation, Daniel Marks­on

Unconfirmed reports have alleged that the previous National Publicity Secretari­es of APC and PDP (m­ay be between 2014 – 2015) indulged in such acts. (It’s neit­her Lai Mohammed nor Olisa Metuh); the spokespersons didn’t even pay for some of these adverts. When these politicians won elections and ass­umed new portfolios, that was the end. Ask my good friends, Onyebuchi Ezeigbo of THISDAY and Olabode Adegoke of BLUEPRIN­T. Till today, they are still down with debts incurred throu­gh advert placement in their Newspapers. I’m sure Emmanuel Ogbeche and Fred Itua know what I’m sayin­g…

*Olokor, a Nigerian journalist, sent this piece on his wall on Facebook

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