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2019 presidency: ‎When Fayose Calls The Shots, We All Take The Queue -Atiku


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday, hinted that he might reach a pact with Ekiti state Governor Ayodele Fayose, ahead of the presidential election in 2019.

Atiku stated this during his visit to Fayose on Wednesday.

“He (Fayose) calls the shots and when he does so, we all take the queue,” Atiku said when asked about his presidential ambition with Fayose

In a report to Dailypost Atiku, however, denied comments on former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to Buhari.

Speaking to newsmen in the state, he said: “Electorate should not vote the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019 presidential election, because: APC has failed this country. That party is not the solution to our country’s challenges. ”

The former vice president on his visit to Fayose hailed the governor’s warm reception and support to him since his defection to PDP.

He said “Since my return home to PDP this is the first state I am visiting for consultations with party leaders.

“This is not surprising as Fayose and I had struck a good relationship since his first tenure as governor and I was VP. He is blunt and straightforward, a sharpshooter in politics and I respect him for that.

“But above all, he is also the chairman of our give forum, today among the governors, among the party generally he calls the shots and when he does so, we all take the queue.

“I have visited this state severally with other governors in the saddle, what I have observed has been a monumental development in terms of infrastructure in the state and the quality of life of the people, but as a politician, anywhere we were driving along the road, from Akure he was receiving cheers all through, while the road from Akure to Ekiti was bad that from Ekiti into the state is splendid.

“I have seen what you have achieved and your footprints are all over the state capital, I commend you for that and for your leadership, I believe you have quite a lot to offer for our country.

“Another unique thing the governor has done is telling me that his deputy is being supported as the party candidate in the next election, this is a very rare feat in the democratic system of our country, how many deputy governors have succeeded their governors?

“It means he has foresight and want a someone to continue his good works, and I hope if you have the opportunity by the grace of God you will continue the good works. I am coming back to campaign with you for 2018 polls”, Atiku told Fayose.

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