Chinese Experts Set Foot In 6G Research

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Abuja(SundiataPost) –Southeast University in Eastern China’s Jiangsu Province on Thursday said a team has begun to research 6G mobile networks.

Six G uses a combination of the latest in radio and fibre optic technologies and delivers the internet through the air, which means you do not have to rely on old copper cables or calculate your broadband speeds on how far you live from the exchange.

You Xiaohu, a professor with the university and the team leader, said they have set sights on the early research and development of 6G mobile networks, based on the 5G technologies.

You said that compared with 5G technologies, 6G will cover a wider range of fields with higher speed and greater security.

The early research and development will mainly focus on intelligent mobile communications, massive wireless communications, millimetre wave/submillimetre wave wireless communications, optical wireless communications and broadband satellite mobile communications.

“There’s still a long way to go in applying 6G technologies into our daily life.

“Experts predict that 6G technologies will go into commercial operation by 2030.

“However, the 6G competition has already begun among many enterprises,’’ You said.


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