The Damaging Amaechi Tapes and the Integrity Question, By Samuel Ajayi

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) I have listened to FOUR of the Amaechi tapes. It is unfortunate. Very unfortunate. And in two areas:

1. Amaechi has NO integrity as a human being and leader. If he ACTUALLY felt this way about Buhari, why then did he accept to serve as his campaign manager? Obviously, the tapes predate his appointment. YOU ARE SELLING A PRODUCT YOU CAN’T EVEN USE!

2. It is now obvious that 99% of those who defend Buhari on Facebook and real life should bury their heads in shame if they listen to these tapes. If a man WHO SEES BUHARI EVERYDAY AND FLIES WITH HIM SEVERALLY COULD SAY ALL THESE ABOUT HIM, WHAT OF YOU THAT HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HIM?

Couple of months back, I wrote here what a senior friend and one of Buhari’s top campaign hands told me about him. Yet, they are selling this man to Nigerians. For their selfish reasons.

When will politics be about service here? When will integrity have a role to play in our body polity? When?

Caveat: I won’t be sharing the tapes; either here or WhatsApp. I gave my words on that to the man who sent them to me. Please, do not demand I send to you. Thanks.

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