What is the Best Revenge Against a Cheating Husband and his Mistress? By Jerry Strazzeri

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A friend told me this story around 20 years ago.

He saw in the newspaper an ad for a Mercedes -Benz 500 E. However, something called his attention. The price. Only $1 dollar.

He found it very funny an thought that it was probably a joke or some scam. He went out to have lunch with his family but he couldn’t get the ad out his mind. So, when he went back home he decided to call.

On the other side of the line, a woman answered and sound surprised that someone called about the car, in fact, he was the first person to call.

First, he asked a few questions about the car, it was in mint condition and it belonged to her husband. He asked about the price and she said they could discuss the price when he comes to check the car.

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SCAM! For sure! – He thought. As soon as I get there they are going to ask me to put a deposit, sign up for something or leave a check and I’ll never get anything. – He told me that those are the thoughts that came to his mind.

So he gave up, but a few hours later he decided to go, more out of curiosity than anything else and to avoid being tricked he brought with him only his driver’s license and a $1 bill.

When he got there she introduced herself and took him to the car. A Mercedes 500 E in mint condition.

After inspecting the car upside down he finally asked the question: How much for the car?

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She answered: As the ad states, the price is $1 dollar only.

He could not believe it, so he handed her the $1 dollar bill and she returned with the documents and the key.

At this point, he was waiting for the cameras from some comedy TV show to appear out of the bushes but No, nothing. She handed the keys, the documents and opened the gates so he could leave.

Before leaving he said: I’m sorry, but is this any kind of Joke?

She replied: No

So, he asked why she was selling a car that worth 100K for just one dollar.

So, she explained that the car belonged to her husband. That he passed away and on his will he stated that the Mercedes should be sold and the money given to his secretary. However, while going through his assets she found out an apartment that he had and she never knew. When she visited the apartment and talked to the doorman, she found out that the apartment was the place he used to meet with his secretary.

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So, she decided to fulfill his last wish: Selling the Mercedes and give the money to his secretary.

Up to today, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that is the explanation my friend gave when he showed up with a Mercedes-Benz 500 E

Source: Quora

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