What Was the Moment You Realized that Life Had Passed You By? By Clare Burris

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After 34 years together, at the age of 56, I was told by my husband that he never loved me. I HAD WASTED MY ENTIRE LIFE ! 34 years! At the age of 56 being a stay at home mom, suffering from severe fibromyalgia, and depression because of it, my options were limited.

We had been very comfortable financially and he added that our lifestyle was going to drastically change because our business was not keeping pace with our salary.

I learned a few lessons during 2 years of feeling unworthy of love, affection (which he never gave) and not wanting to leave my house.

I did it but not without panic attacks beforehand. He had accomplished his goal of making me believe I could not make it on my own. Here is what I learned:

1. Boy was I wrong! I met someone who appreciated me in a way no one ever had. My life was never the same. Though that relationship last all of 3 weeks, he taught me that:
2. I was worthy of attention -from men especially.
3. I was not dead after 34 years of a loveless marriage
4. I could find people who made me laugh and feel happy and alive. I just needed to reach out and go out.
5. There was plenty of life left in me to live the way I wanted to live!
6. And most importantly, as people often told me, my life was not wasted because I had raised 2 AMAZING KIDS who had given me so much joy, albeit some now trivial aggravation. They provided a LIFE for me that never would have been had I not married my husband. They rallied during those 2 years, still giving me unsurpassed joy even living in different states!
7. LIFE HAD NOT PASSED ME BY! I was just beginning that next chapter people are always talking about! And I am excited. Loving every minute of the 2 months since I became alive again. I will never forget that young man and what he taught me.

Source: Quora

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