Buhari’s Calling Card of Attacking the Messenger, By Moses Ochonu

Whatapp News

Attacking the messenger has been Buhari’s calling card. A few examples:

  1. When the respected Transparency International (TI) released its corruption perception index showing that Nigeria’s corruption perception has risen significantly since Buhari assumed office, Buhari’s minions attacked the organization and questioned its methodology. Some uninformed Buharists even suggested that Obasanjo, their new nemesis who used to be affiliated with TI, must have engineered the bad ranking.
  2. When a UN agency pronounced Nigeria the poverty capital of the world, the country having overtaken India in three years of Buhari’s presidency due to millions of Nigerians losing their jobs and slipping into or sinking further in poverty, the government’s response was to attack the agency and its methodology.
  3. When UNICEF, MSF, Amnesty International, other international humanitarian charities raised questions about rampant human rights violations and a worsening humanitarian crisis in the Northeastern theater of the counter-insurgency against Boko Haram, the administration, through the army, angrily expelled those organizations, only to reverse itself when shamed and ridiculed for its thoughtless action.
  4. When the US, EU, and Britain issued statements condemning the unconstitutional suspension of CJN Onnoghen, Buhari’s minions, perhaps forgetting that their principal had praised the US government for playing a critical and active role in the 2015 election that brought him to power, launched a tirade against these entities, resorting to a familiar and self-serving invocation of sovereignty, independence, and neocolonial intervention.

The mantra of this administration is simple: do not accept blame for any damage you’ve caused or are causing and attack those who blame you or are professionally documenting the disastrous results of your actions and inactions.

Whatapp News