Guaido wants national emergency declared in Venezuela over blackouts

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Interim President, Juan Guaido
Interim President, Juan Guaido

Buenos Aires, – Self-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President, Juan Guaido, wants a state of emergency declared in the South American country over ongoing power outages.

The National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, should declare a national emergency in a special meeting on Monday, Guaido demanded on Sunday.

In parts of the country there has been no electricity since Thursday evening.

The restoration of the electricity supply is progressing slowly and keeps suffering setbacks.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday that the recent power outages in the restive country were the result of cyberattacks by the U.S. and that his administration was working to resolve the issue.

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“The National Electricity System has been the target of several cyber attacks, resulting in its failure and preventing the different attempts for reconnection at a national level,” Maduro said on Twitter.

“However, we are making great efforts to, in the coming hours, restore the supply of energy stably and definitively,” he added.

It is not the first time that Maduro has blamed foreign powers for the country’s frequent power outages.

The opposition, on the other hand, has blamed the government’s sloppiness, corruption and mismanagement.

Guaido on Sunday again called on the armed forces to stand on the side of his rival government in the weeks-long power struggle. So far, the military has stuck with Maduro.

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Although Guaido has already been recognised by many states – including the U.S., Germany, numerous other EU countries and many in Latin American as the legitimate interim president.

In spite of the widespread dissatisfaction in the country, Guaido has so far been unable to build a strong position of power within Venezuela.

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