Between Ronaldo and Sadio Mane, By Samuel Ajayi

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Two days ago, Ronaldo scored three goals: one a POWERFUL header, a ROUTINE header counted via GLT (goal line technology) and the third a PENALTY.

And as expected, Facebook nearly crashed over shouts of “goat, goat” (I swear by my Granny’s grave, I do NOT know the meaning of goat in football).

Why? He scored hat-trick. And everywhere went gaga.

Yesterday, Sadio Mane scored two SUBLIME goals against Bayern. One a cool, calculated rounding of the legendary Manuel Neure and the other a run-into-space header after an incredible footwork from Mo Salah.

Now check this: Mane scored two against a Bayern Munich with an amazing Champions League credentials. Ronaldo scored his against an Atletico Madrid that is yet to win the UCL.

I do not want to mention the mesmerising skills of Messi yesterday. The two goals, the two assists and an amazing footwork.

Be a LOVER of the game. And not just a DIE-HARD FAN of a footballer.

Ronaldo and Messi are blessings to their generation but football remains what it is: a TEAM SPORT.

Messi cannot assist himself while Ronaldo cannot cross to himself to nod home.

And while your Ronaldo or Messi scored just one goal to determine a match, remember the goalkeeper who made an incredible safe to make that one goal count.

Even with this post, I am waiting for Ronaldo kids as usual. They are like Buabri supporters. Na one-way traffic…

Source: Facebook

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