Lagos Building Collapse: Another Tragedy Soon to be Forgotten, By Samuel Ajayi

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Tragedy like collapsed building, fire, auto crash and so on happen ON (not TO) us all the time.

You may ask me why.

Because builders CIRCUMVENT rules.

Regulators BEND rules.

Supervisors FILL their pockets.

Leaders PLAY politics with human lives.

In all, there is this residual belief in us all that in Nigeria, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ANY INFRACTIONS. Even if such COST human lives and DEFORM some families for life and PSYCHOLOGICALLY INJURE some till their deaths.

Leaders rush to tragedy sites. Make the right speeches. Talk the right gibberish. Might even visit hospitals to greet the wounded and offer to offset their bills.

But we the people, what do we do?

We wail. We cry. We mourn. We criticise. And then we do the most common:


Future state governors, aeronautic engineers, mass employers of labour, medical doctors and teachers might have been wasted today in the tragedy at the Lagos Island makeshift school.

In saner climes, someone, be he the builder or the regulator, should be packing his bags for a long stay in jail. Provably for life.

But this is Nigeria.

If he knows the right political leaders in the state, he may end up even becoming the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure.

And some of those who will defend the appointment might even be families of the victims of this incident.

We suffer and pray for our punishers.

It is the way we are wired.

May the blood of these innocent souls haunt those responsible (either the builder or the regulator) for this tragedy till the end of time.

How do you wish a ten-year old who was still full of life as at 9:55am this morning to rest in peace by 2pm?

Let someone help me out….

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