Let PDP Jubilate, Let APC Sulk, But the Real Winner is Democracy, By Samuel Ajayi

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The way APC went about the Osun election was simply IMMORAL. Let’s forget politics here and look at what you can defend, even before your fellow human beings, not to talk of God.

Olawale Olaleye, colleague and deputy editor of THISDAY on Sunday, just wrote that it was brazen. But I went further: it was simply IMMORAL!

The Cable online reporter who covered the supplementary election said it was a reign of impunity and brigandage. You were only allowed into the four wards where election would hold if it was confirmed you would be voting for APC.

International and local observers were turned back based on “orders from above”. PDP sympathisers and possible voters were harassed and chased away from polling stations.

Beyond this was the fact that the re-run was ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY! Many observers have said it was after figures had been padded and padded and it won’t just add that the idea of a rerun was mooted by the powers that be.

Even Buhari made a Freudian slip when he said Osun was won via “remote control”. For the President to say that, something unthinkable must have played out.

You may hate Adeleke. But this is beyond him. It is not victory for him or setback for APC as a group. But a reassurance that this democracy must not be allowed to go to the dogs. It must be nurtured and allowed to reflect what the people want. The person preferred by the people might be a LOAFER or a LAYABOUT or even a THIEF.


It will take miracle for the Appeal Court to upturn the judgment of the Tribunal.

While PDP jubilates and APC sulks, democracy is actually SMILING.

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