This is the best revenge against a cheating husband and his mistress?

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I was the typical “I’d kick the guy’s ass and throw her out” guy. But then it happened in our 3rd year of marriage. My first reaction was to tell her to leave and never come back. I left the house and drove…not knowing where I was going. I thought, blamed, reflected and internalized.

We had a wonderful relationship since we’d first met! Or so I’d thought. As I began to reflect several things dawned on me. I was military and our current duty station was in a remote area with extremely harsh winters. She was motivated but opportunities were minimal. This left her snowbound for much of the winter. We also were new parents to our wonderful 1 year old. My work was very demanded and on free time I tended to spend a lot of my time playing sports; of which she would attend.

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As I drove and contemplated I began to realize how the past couple years had been wonderful to me, but difficult in many ways for her. I absolutely loved her with all my heart…still did I thought. I also knew even after all this…she loved me. I’m not a jealous person and believe deeply in respecting the desires, wants, and needs of my wife. But I was out of tune. I knew it. I began to look at life through her eyes. It made me sad.

People will say there is no excuse for cheating. There isn’t. But there are definitely reasons.

I went home. We talked for a long time into the early morning. I forgave her and 30+ years later our life has been great! I love her so.

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