Between Yoruba and Igbo Films, By Samuel Ajayi

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  • “20 years ago” appears on the screen and you see 2015 Toyota Camry being driven and Samsung Edge in the hands of the driver.
  • Oga Director, the Toyota Camry (“Pencil light”) was introduced in summer of 1997. It is still very common. Go and look for it and use as part of your costume. It is not compulsory he holds phone. No mobile GSM then!
  • If you write “30 years ago”, go and look for 1988 Nissan Bluebird. It is still very much out there.
  • For your sitting room, go and look for the old colour TV set that had buttons by the side. Any time I drive past electronic gadget repairers, I still see them.
  • Go to Ekiti or Ondo or anywhere in the East, many houses still have furniture of the 80s. Go and shoot there.
  • Stop insulting us by showing “40 years ago” and someone is in front of his laptop. Or you showed “Ogun odun sehin” (20 years ago) and behind you is MTN office! You can lie o? Chai!
  • Stop casting Uche Ogbodo or Ronke Oshodi Oke as “grandma” and you won’t even deceive us with some make-up to make them look old.
  • Yoruba director, you can work towards an answer in your movie without an herbalist showing one white cloth on the wall and you were made to see “everything”. Create the impression that it was through happenstance that truth emerged.
  • Very rare for someone to go and meet a married woman in her matrimonial home and they will leave the main gate, main door, sitting room adjacent door and even the bedroom door open and they are ‘firing’ inside “so the husband can catch them”.

I dey craze?

  • Create the scene that as we were coming out of hotel and I was kissing her goodbye, you caught us because you came to that area for an unplanned assignment from the office. That makes more sense than the “wuruwuru to the answer” in the house.

These things don’t cost money but commonsense and little eye for detail.

Mentally lazy bunch…

I still dey come

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