How Safe is Enugu, Nigeria to Live in? By Kingsley Chinedu

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Enugu State is in South Eastern part of Nigeria. It is made up of four major cities: Enugu, Nsukka, Agwụ and Agbani.

The city of Enugu(and Enugu State as a whole) is one of the safest places to live in Nigeria if not Africa as a whole. I know this because I live in this lovely city.

Living in this city is fun and refreshing. Unlike the overcrowded and noisy state of Lagos, Enugu is a relatively quiet state of under 5 million people and unlike the Northern states of Nigeria, there has been no case of terrorism or public unrest in Enugu.

Aside the security benefits of living in Enugu, their are a lot of other things that make life fun in this beautiful state. Some of them I will try to illustrate here.

Good Roads :

Living in a city with a bad and pothole inflicted roads is a pain the ass. Thanks to our capable governors, Enugu has one of the best road network in the country.

Housing and Accommodations:

Getting a lovely and comfortable place to stay in the city is no hassle at all be it hotels or already completed houses for sale, Enugu has got lots of those. It is worthy to mention that cost of real estates in the city is a little on the high side due to the serenity of the city.

Entertainment and Nightlife:

There is no dulling moment in the city. The city is filled with exquisite and cool clubs, bars and the like. And then again, you need not worry about security as you can get out and come back at any time of the day or night without worries.

Further still, the city is home to some of the Africa’s best entertainers

The picture above is that of artiste Flavour of Africa whose base is in the city of Enugu(he also owns an exclusive club called 2nite club, you should visit the club if you ever come down here, it is worth it) . There are lots of great entertainers in the city including our cherished vernacular rappers Phyno, Zorro, Mr Raw and a whole lot of others. Like I said, no dulling moment in the city.

Transportation and Travels:

Aside taxify and Uber which are just making their way into the city, the state has there own public transport system. Our coal city shuttle and taxi is ever ready to convey you to your destination in comfort

The city has it’s own international Airport named the Akanu Ibiam international Airport. So movement to and fro the city won’t be any headache at all

And be rest assured there is always a police car by the corner incase you need a fast reponse

The pictures and descriptions do no justice to the city, you need to see it to believe it.

Source: Quora.

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