Why is Rwanda so nice compared to the rest of Africa?

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By Andrew Kwabula

I think Rwanda has joined the likes of Botswana and Namibia in being nice. South Africa is the nicest.

As to why I think it’s because Kagame has very good taste. For all his faults, I think he has the best interests of Rwanda compared to a typical African Leader who only has the interests of his family. Kagame loves his country and wants it to excel. In Africa, Institutions are too weak to prevent corruption. I mean the Executive is usually all Powerful, trampling over the Judiciary and Parliament. And within the Executive Arm, the President is ALL powerful, so all other officials in there are rubber-stampers. In such a situation, it all depends on one man.

The people as a whole are also too weak against one Man, the President. So when you get a Kagame, things may change. If however, you end up with a Mugabe or Emerson Mnangagwa or a Goodluck Jonathan, things may stagnate. You can see how things are changing in Tanzania because of one Magufuli.

In many African countries, the President and his cronies spend more money on themselves than what they spend on public services. So once again, Kagame would have gone the way of other African Leaders if he did not love Rwanda that much and also if he had no shame.

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