The Country Nigerians Admire the Most

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By Debo Kayode Ogunranti

What country do Nigerians admire most?

This question is not as simple as it seems. Nigerians are in every country in the world including North Korea. But do we love those countries? I can’t say yes to this because we always have a deep nostalgia for Naija and return home at the drop of a pin. As I speak some are in the country to vote in the general election. No Nigerian wants to be buried outside of his ancestral land.

So which country do Nigerians admire the most, let me give you an uneducated list.

The UK
All of West Africa
All of Africa
All other countries

The list is based on our migratory patterns and its off the top of my head.

Like we say here if you find yourself in a town without a Nigerian, dialogue with your feet and flee!

Source: Quora

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