Are Somalis Brave Warriors?

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By Abdirahman M Auke

We claim to be the bravest nation on the face of mother green earth, and yet, where we ended up says otherwise.

I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that the Somalis are and were great warriors,its evident from how large the Somali lands are(most of it in other hands now).Warfare always had been an important factor in relations with outsiders such as the Ethiopian Christians and the Oromo and even with other Somali clans , And if you ask the gala or all the other tribes that fought with Somalis you will get a picture of the type of warriors the Somalis were.

Coming to the piracy ,though it’s not something to be proud of , 4 Somali men each equipped with only AK-47 ‘s could take on an entire ship ,without fear.

here are some quotes from a British officer stationed in Somalia in the ’40s ;

“I never saw a Somali who showed any fear of death, which, impressive though it sounds, carries within it the chill of pitilessness and ferocity as well. If you have no fear of death you have none for anybody else’s either, but that fearlessness has always been essential to the Somalis who have had to try and survive hunger, disease and thirst while prepared to fight and die against their enemies, their fellow Somalis for pleasure in the blood feud, or the Ethiopians who would like to rule them, or the white men who got in the way for a while.”

“Every time a Somali got whipped, an Italian soldier was killed”

“There is no one alive as tough as the Somali nomad. No one. A Somali warrior wounded in a fight walked 14 miles holding his guts in his hand, was sewn up and lived to soldier again. And the women are as spiritually strong as their men.”


I think our ancestors were quite brave, strong in faith and proud in their identity. They were proud Somalis…brave warriors, who fought and defeated anyone that came their way. Too bad their descendants are puppets of the lowest of people.

Source: Quora

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