The Advantages of Studying in Canada

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By Kim Aaron

You can get a world-class education at a very low price.

I went to McGill University in Montreal, mostly because my family lived there at the time. It was convenient, and I was clueless. I didn’t apply anywhere else. I just showed up and handed in my application. At that time, I had no idea how highly-ranked McGill was worldwide. My tuition was measured in hundreds of dollars. Today, I think it is probably a few thousand, but not tens of thousands. I went to Caltech for grad school, and that’s when I discovered how good McGill was. It had prepared me so well, I was exempted from three of the courses and was able to take the more advanced versions (Ae 201 versus Ae 101 for example.)

University of Toronto is also a very highly-ranked Canadian school.

Of course, you have to be able to survive the Canadian winters!

That’s a fairly typical scene (copied from 17 Must Haves to Survive a Canadian Winter). That’s not intended to scare you away, just to make you aware.

This is supposed to scare you away (25 Truly Terrifying Pictures Of The Snow In Eastern Canada Right Now):

I know, to those of you actually living in Canada, this is sort of a shrug. You’re not the ones I’m trying to scare off. But I’m not planning to move back there any time soon.

On the other hand, this is the image that just might scare me into doing that:

Source: Quora

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