From Osinbajo 2023 to Tinubu’s Presidential Ambition: The Fraud Sold to the Southwest, By Samuel Ajayi

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As at today, the number one elected official from the South-west is Yemi Osinbajo. But ironically, no one is mentioning his name again concerning 2023.

Now let me remind you of the fraud in Buhari’s second term campaign as it related to the South-west.

“Ise Osinbajo 2023 la n se”. Meaning: We are working towards Osinbajo 2023.

This was what many Yorubas who knew Buhari had failed but were once again hoodwinked into buying into the Buhari brand yet again always used to justify their obvious electoral stupidity!

Now, even before Buhari is sworn-in for second term, the talk now is about Tinubu 2023. Suddenly, Osinbajo does not even come up for discussion. At least, for now.

“Won bi iyalaya e daa!” (Dem no born im mama well). That’s what a colleague so much in the know of the nation’s political permutations told me earlier today when I asked him why Osinbajo is not even planning to come out.

“Structure e da?” (Where is his structure?) He asked me.

And that is it!

Even for governorship, Tinubu will never push anyone who can be their own man. From Fashola to Ambode and now SanwoOlu, it is guys who have no political structure no matter how weak. And he also ensures he frustrates any attempt for them to be their own men. Any party leader who is close to them will be ruthlessly dealt with. If Oshinbajo tries to play smart now, the likes of Sam Omatseye and co will take him to the cleaners.

Now, all of you Ndi Oshinbajo 2023, how market?

Whatapp News