How Long Does the Process of Express Entry to Canada Take?

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By George Nexa

I’m one of the most common applicants around. An Indian living in Dubai. However I applied when I was 29. With a Masters in Psych, a degree in journalism and 6 years of work experience as a copywriter. That with a sad score of 7.5 on my IELTS and police clearance certificates from India, the UAE and Ireland (where i completed my degree). It took me almost a year to collect all my papers but I blame that on my own laziness and the darn Indian Police who took months to send me a simple clearance form.

Once submitted, I got my PR stamp in………

21 DAYS! BOOM! That’s how badly the nation of Canada wants me. Dubai couldn’t give a s*** but that’s another answer.

Got it! It was such a surprise it threw my whole life into a mess. All of a sudden, I had 12 months to get my life sorted into a few bags, quit Dubai and……I’m a month away from leaving this place! Wish me luck!

Source: Quora

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