The Hardest Thing You’ll Face in Canada as a New Immigrant

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By Amruta Mendjoge

I have recently moved to Canada as a permanent resident. I am on my own with no family or friends around. As I am moving ahead I am trying to make friends and assimilate. All is well and people here are incredibly frienly, polite and kind. They are always willing to help you and provide meaningful guidance.

So far, the hardest thing I have faced in Canada is the time I have to spend doing nothing. I mean killing/spending time here for me is very very difficult . I am a job seeker and most of the days I am applying for jobs. Keeping myself motivated all day.. everyday is a tough. And Canada as a country is not responsible for that. It’s just that to be patient and wait for opportunities to come your way and still keep yourself motivated and positive at all times is difficult. I fail many a days. I guess its just one of the challenges of immigrating to another country. It’s more of a personal or individual thing.

Rest, I love Canada and I think coming here is the wisest decision I have made in my life.

Source: Quora

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