The Real Truth Why Nigeria is So Associated with Crime

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By Nafiu Sani

I want to answer this question as directly as possible. The rise of prevailing crimes in Nigeria may be related to several reasons or factors, it depends on one’s perspective. Therefore, I want to mention in my own view just 7 but explain only 5 factors behind the increase occurrence of crimes in my country, Nigeria, and these are:

  1. Poor attitude towards education
  2. Injustice of constitutional authorities
  3. Poverty and high cost of living
  4. High rate of unemployment among the teaming youths
  5. Very porous boarders and inadequate security structure.
  6. High increase in drug abuse involvement by the youths
  7. Breaking family (poor family upbringing)

Below is the explanation

A. Poor Attitude Towards Education: Every responsible government must give utmost priority to business of educating it’s people. Nigeria as a country continue to give a very little percentage of it’s annual budget (below the proposed and agreed ratio by UN or SDGs/MDGs) to education. Hence, inadequate quantity and poor quality of education is provided to the people.

We need to know that crimes have an inverse relationship with education. This is to say the higher the educated people are, the less the crimes they involved. So, unless Nigeria provide it’s people with right quantity and quality education, it will continue to face criminal activities by it’s own citizens.

B. Injustice of The Constitutional Authorities: What I want to establish here is this; when judicial system failed people, justice is served with fear or favour (or won by the highest bidder) then, people will be in a state of chaos or barbarism. In Nigeria, many people have lost confidence in the judicial system or in the constitutional authorities, due to one reason or the other e.g. one’s parents or relatives have been murdered in a cold-blood and nothing has been done about that. Such situations may likely turn one heartless and merciless, hence, aggressive or violent.

C. Poverty and High Cost of Living: I want to believe this part does not require much explanation. But, it need to be established that poverty can lead people to become hopeless, also, poverty means people may not afford food to eat, as such they can do anything… I mean anything to get something to eat.

Remember the popular saying that said; “A hungry man is an angry man”. This is to say that a hungry man is not only an angry man but also an aggressive person.

On the other hand, one of the consequences of high cost of living is; it makes people frustrated with government and hence discourages or results in loss of people’s loyalty to the government of such country.

D. High Rate of Unemployment: The higher portion affected by unemployment is Youths and most of them are not calm, they are full of energy that requires control, they are usually short of wisdom and patience compared to the elderly groups. Therefore, they can easily be used/ exploited by any enemy of the country (Nigerian or otherwise) to cause crimes that will satisfy his personal selfish gain.

We must remember the saying that said; “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”!

D. Very Porous Border: Nigeria has a very porous and difficult border to patrol with little resources and border security personnels (specifically, Immigration and Customs) it has.

So, terrorists can have their way into Nigeria from every angle and direction of our borderlines (neighbour countries). This has affected Nigeria so much. Nigeria has uncountable routes through which immigrants and smugglers come into the country without legal permission.

Lastly, the security structure of Nigeria is not adequately sufficient. I want to assume that there is no enough synergy between the security operatives. I want to believe that there is also exit some big loopholes or moles in the structure where some vital information used to leak or be mismanaged.

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