Prof. Abraham’s Book Endorsement From Europe

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Ivanna Chaikovska

This book Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences and Journals by Prof. Abraham O. A is a powerful injection of knowledge, practical guidance, new reflections, motives and inspiration to improve ourselves and the world around us.

The author wrote a very simple, understandable and precious manual which will take everyone who reads it through step-by-step stages in analyzing and applying all his recommendations in actual practice, to greater success in the scientific career and modern life.

I have listened to this author speaking in Europe and among many scholars, we were specially selected and co-interviewed; where he also made great wealth of knowledge contribution to the Research and Innovation Hub of International Back Sea University.

I am convinced that every Researcher will find something special and extremely valuable in Prof. Abraham’s book, which would be motivational for improvement, development and forward-moving.

Abraham O. A. (2018). Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences and Journals., sold on amazon.

For training, research and publishing mentorship, please contact Author through [email protected]

Ivanna Chaikovska,


Ph.D-C, Jagiellonian University in Krakow,


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