Tinubu, APC and the Looming Night of Long Knives, By Samuel Ajayi

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You have shown your hand so early.

  • You want your group within the party to install the Senate President.
  • You also want the Speaker of House of Reps to be one of your protégés.
  • You and Oshiomohole took ministerial list to London to meet with your Baba. Even if you were snubbed.
  • The so-called ministerial list is filled with those you think are your loyalists.
  • During the primaries, because you and Oshiomohole were in same boat (at least for now), you denied anyone perceived to be against you tickets to contest.
  • And now, when the body of the dead man is still in the morgue, you are already sharing his estate. How? Second term has not started, you have shown your 2023 hands clearly and so early. No one is left second-guessing you. The gloves are out!

Anyone who says Bolade Ahmed Tinubu is a SMART POLITICIAN is a novice.

Let the dust of tribunal that is giving them concerns settle, hopefully (for their minds) in their favour, he will know he does NOT own APC.

Reason the likes of Saraki are smarter politician than him.

It goes beyond sharing money and seemingly pocketing Lagos…

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