Nigeria and Dysfunctional Security Personnel Allocation, By Samuel Ajayi

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Since the days of Musiliu Smith to Ehindero to Tafa Balogun, Okiro and Ringim, each police IG has always had one recurring agenda:


But none has been able to do anything about this.

I did a critical analysis of our situation and I came to one conclusion: NIGERIA IS GROSSLY UNDER-POLICED!

We have less than 400,000 policemen and women. I don’t know what percentage of this belongs to the Mobile Unit. While I do not also have the figure as we speak, I know quite a sizeable percentage of our policemen and women are attached to VIPs.

In fact some, who are not even holding any elective or appointive offices, have as many as FIFTEEN mobile policemen attached to them.

Under international standards, that should have been for FOUR THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED citizens.

Governors, Senators, Reps members, House of Assembly members, local government chairmen, party leaders, their wives (yes, their wives) bank chiefs, oil and gas chiefs, some ‘money-miss-road’ guys all have policemen attached to them.

Not to talk of ex-governors, es-senators and so on.

And you know what? Democracy has thrown up so many emergency millionaires and billionaires who were nobodies before but are now big men and have policemen, especially mobile officers, attached to them.

There is no way a society will have such dysfunctional system of security personnel allocation and won’t face security challenges.

Absolutely impossible!

And successive IGs have not been able to do anything to this. Why? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT OWE THE PEOPLE ANY ALLEGIANCE.

Their loyalty is to the high and mighty and the ruling party at any given time.

If you think I am joking, let any IG write Oshiomohole that he wants to reduce policemen attached to him to just four and see if he won’t answer query.

Still wondering while rest of humanity is leaving us behind?

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