Suicide: Are Our Parents Guilty? By Amaechi Ipeh

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The first thing any scientist or researcher learns in disease etiology is the fact that there is no single cause of any disease or malady.

In recent times a growing number of young Nigerians are committing suicides at an alarming rate. While suicides are not new in our society [contrary to popular imagination], they have also not been a “youth fad” as it so appears to be on its way to becoming now!

Naturally there are no shortage of theories and ideas on what could be responsible for this unnatural spike; academic inadequacies, emotional depression, etc., and they are all valid in differing degrees. But their is a perspective I will like us to also ponder on: new-age parenting! Is it possible that in our quest to embrace globalism and Westernization [based on our own erroneous interpretations], the parents of today [last three decades] are raising, or have raised a generation of effete youngsters who have become ‘addicted’ to an easy and painless life [physically and emotionally] thereby lacking the grit and resilience to bear any of life’s numerous challenges? Especially the type prevalent in less developing societies?

We need to look far and wide, and dig deep to stem this issue and all perspectives are needed.

We certainly cannot live in the past, but insulating youngsters from the realities of life and inadvertently creating an image of life as a groovy adventure on sugar-candy mountain is not the way out either!

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