Lagos: The Making of a ‘Centre of Decadence’, By Samuel Ajayi

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I have met at least FOUR guys whose vehicle engines have been damaged almost beyond repairs by the rain that fell on Monday.

One is a Lexus IS250 2008 model. Another a 2011 Toyota Corolla and yet another, a 2005 Toyota Corolla while the other one is a 2009 Toyota Hiace.

Now, any time it rains, Lagosians, both commuters and motorists are always apprehensive. Virtually every road is always flooded. Apart from spending hours on the road, chances are that your vehicle won’t follow you home in one piece.

We are in a city called Centre of Excellence but is anything but excellent. Why? Successive administrations in the state have always celebrated tokenism while enriching themselves and their cronies. Billions are rapaciously stolen every year being used to service over-fed party chiefs while commissioners and top civil servants in the state are richer that some state governors. (You can quote me please!)

Lagos arguably has the most taxed residents in the sole world. But guess what? Billions end up in private pockets with a former governor who left office TWELVE years ago boasting of TWO private jets!

And some of his giddy but idiotic supporters still won’t admit he is living off the state till tomorrow. To them, Atiku is the thief while a man who had two bullion vans being driven to his house is a saint!

We cannot continue like this. Something gonna give. If not now, then later.

This tokenism in the name of governance gat to stop…

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