Why Does Bill Gates Live Like a Poor Person?

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By Ethan Hunts

Let’s just clear something up real-quick.

Bill Gates doesn’t act poor.

House – Xanadu 2.0
  • His house cost $63 million to build
  • 5,000-year old Californian Fir trees were used for the timber
  • Art work can be changed at the click of a button
  • The swimming pool plays music underwater
  • Valuations of the house now range between $154 and $250 million
Cars – Porsche 959

This car was limited to 300 copies.

And for a time – banned in the US — Due to vehicle safety restrictions.

With a lawyer, he managed to have the legislation changed and imported the car.

Want to know more about Bill Gates?

Here’s a snippet of an infographic-timeline I built of his life here.

In conclusion, just because Gates doesn’t spew out money like a peacock, doesn’t mean he lives like a poor man.

Source: Quora

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