On Kebbi State’s Refusal to Confirm Esther Asabe as Chief Judge, By Na-Allah M’hd Zagga

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Kebbi Again?

The Acting Chief Judge of Kebbi State Esther Asabe has reportedly written a petition to the National Judicial Council, protesting the refusal of Gov Atiku Bagudu to confirm her as substantive chief judge of the state.

She complained that, despite the recommendation of the NJC, the Governor has refused to confirm her because of the alleged “politics of religion” in the State.

This unfolding drama is a national scandal and unacceptable. The constitution of Nigeria protects all citizens against discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity or gender. Our elected officials took oath of office to treat all their citizens fairly and perform their duties without fear or favour. So, where is the justification for this injustice?

Even more annoying, why should religion be used to commit injustice against other people? It’s insulting to Islam to use its name to treat others unfairly. The prophet Muhammad was revered for his justness by both Muslims and Christians of his time. And it’s the duty of Muslims to live by his examples for justness.

The Islamic reformist Sheikh Usmanu Danfodio famously said that “a society can endure unbelief, but it can’t endure injustice.” Gov Atiku Bagudu is a gentleman and, therefore, he shouldn’t let bad advisers to tarnish his good name. He should do the needful and confirm this woman as the substantive chief Judge of Kebbi State without further delay.

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