The Unfortunate Reason Why Kebbi State Sacked Ag Chief Judge Elizabeth Asabe Karatu, By Na-Allah M’hd Zagga

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Can a democracy function effectively without respect for the rule of law? Why should the Kebbi State Gov Bagudu sack the Acting chief judge Elizabeth Asabe Karatu for writing a petition to the National Judicial Council because of perceived injustice in the refusal to confirm her as substantive Chief Judge?

Officially, the Kebbi State government hasn’t responded to her petition, or confirmed or denied her allegations that she is a victim of alleged religious politics? Without telling the world its side of the story, how would the government of Kebbi State expect public support?

Instead of explaining its own side of the story, it chose to muddle up the waters by arbitrarily sacking the victim. This action flies in the face of reason and smacks of insensitivity to our sense of justice and fairness.

The Government, the President and Govs are not above the law in the eyes of the rule of law. Every citizen is entitled to seek redreess against the government or powerful individuals.

The idea of sacking a petitioner in such cavalier fashion is dangerous. Don’t support or defend the disrespect for the rule of law because you never can tell if you won’t become the next victim. When it comes to the our common rights, we must circle the wagon and stand by the victim.

Supporting the rule of law only when it is favourable to you is not the essence of the rule of law. According to former White House deputy counsel Cheryl Mills, you must support the rule of law even if it doesn’t serve your interests. A democracy without the rule of law is like a body without a soul. Dictatorship at any level is not an option even if the politicians think they love us more than we love ourselves.

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