I Regret My Marriage,See Why

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I regret my marriage! I am an Indian male turning 30 this month. We got married in 2016. It was a love marriage.

I would like to give you a background. Me and my wife were college friends way back in 2010–2011. We used to talk occasionally and we both were in respective relationships. I almost used to share lot of things with her about the issues faced in my relationship with my ex. Slowly we lost contact and I got into a new relationship. My present wife and I used to be connected on facebook thats it.

I got engaged to my gf in 2015 snd we started facing lot of issues due to some misunderstandings. The engagement was called of and we ( me and my present wife) started talking again. She helped me a lot in coping over the broken relationship and helped me move on. In the same year 2015 she left for Dubai for a job. She came back after two months and was going to return to Dubai as she had got an offer. By this time we were dating and were serious. She went back to Dubai and we continued our long distance relationship. Things started changing slowly and she seemed to be distant and not interested. She was home sick and something was bothering her. I asked her million times about the same but I always got a convincing reply. One day, I got to know that a guy in Dubai ( common friend of her best friend) who also works in Dubai was emotional support. I was sensing some trouble and my intuition was right. She was attracted to him and they spent a lot of time together. She started ignoring me and I was helpless. I asked her whether she wants to continue or break off, she said she will come back to India. She told me that they got physical and I was broken. I wanted to vent it out and I decided to meet my first gf. We met at a lounge and had fun. We too got physcial that day . I didn’t tell my wife about this. She came back to India with in a week. Later we had a lot of fights and she was extremely sorry for the Dubai thing. We fought everyday and she literally begged to stay with me. We along with her family met her parents and our engagement was finalised. Meanwhile I started feeling guilty and confessed to her that I too had met my ex gf when you were In dubai and we too got physical.

Since that it has been hell. I never met my ex till date which is more than 3 years. We got married in 2016 but still today my wife brings the past in between. I told her the truth because I cannot lie to my loved ones. But that seemed to be my biggest mistake. Every fight after marriage led to her bringing the past and not trusting me.

She does not trust me and she says she never will. I am really tired about the same thing again and again. I have explained her thousand times that the past wont change and its better we both forget and move on. Everyday we fight on something trivial and it leads to my past.

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