If Life Has Taught You Anything, What Is It?

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By Flavian Mwasi

  1. Nothing sucks like answering to an obnoxious boss
  2. All humans get a kick out of dominating other humans.
  3. No one will ever give you anything without requiring reciprocity.
  4. People will never get tired of making slaves of others. You must fight tooth and nail for your freedom.
  5. Life is not fair. You must learn to demand only the best.
  6. Success is not a gifting. It is something you must go and get.
  7. Nobody cares about your vision. It isn’t their vision after all.
  8. When you feel like giving up remember why you started.
  9. When you feel like quitting remember where you’re going nobody will accept you.
  10. When someone insults you and calls you a fool don’t insult them back. Bless them instead. You will have heaped charcoals of fire upon their heads.
  11. Don’t fight evil with evil. Fight evil with good. You will have killed the devil in the person.
  12. Don’t live through life wearing someone else’s mask. Their enemies might kill you by mistake.
  13. Don’t live the life of another person. You do not know the path their journey is destined to follow.
  14. Greed is like eating 1,000 meals that don’t belong to you..
  15. Anyone can become rich if they change their way of thinking and make a 360 degree turn.
  16. Living until the age of 70 is normal. Living beyond 70 is a bonus.
  17. The fruit of the womb is a baby. The fruit of hard work is wealth.
  18. Nothing happens until you take action.
  19. If you stop working you will die.
  20. A journey of a thousand miles starts with proper planning.
  21. If you want to save money spend 90% of your time planning
  22. A fish will do better by staying in water. Similarly, those who are afraid of loss should never take risk.
  23. Nobody will ever remember you for being average. It takes a great deal of courage and anger to get out of average.
  24. A man’s greatest weapon is a strong woman.
  25. If you’re currently in pain you should rejoice because better days are coming.
  26. Train yourself to see the best in every situation.
  27. Be careful what you tell people. A friend today could be an enemy tomorrow.
  28. Don’t worry about how things are going to work out. Just believe that they will.
  29. Forgiving is healing.
  30. If someone stays by your side through your worst times, they’re the ones who deserve to be with you through your best times.

Source: Quora

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