A Case for the New Traffic Rules in Lagos, By Samuel Ajayi

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I support the new traffic regulations in Lagos and the rather heavy fines.

We are just too LAWLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE. And this is even made worse, ironically, by the ruling APC in the state.

You drive against traffic and when stopped/arrested, you put a call to one top APC politician in the state or one top official in Alausa and you are let off the hook.

If SanwoOlu could implement this, especially the idea of ignoring name-dropping to get off the hook, he would have restored sanity to Lagos roads.

However, the other menace is that of Okada riders who drive against traffic. It is all over Lagos. I saw it even in Admiralty Way in Lekki Phace 1 and even in Phace 2 after the Third Roundabout.

It is just sickening.

However, my fear is that with these new laws/fines, SanwoOlu might have created additional source of “food” for LASTMA officials: instead of paying 20k fine, you won’t mind “settling” a traffic officer with 10k and drive off.

And lest I forget, just like policemen made a kill during the ban on Okada, another pot of soup don ready…

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