How I Reacted When I Caught Her Cheating

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By John Miller

Well, I didn’t actually “catch” her at it. When the guy she’s cheated with sends you photo and video proof of her adultery, it’s not really catching her.

She was out of town in Boston for work. Our son and I were home in Pittsburgh. I was a stay at home dad because we had no one else to take care of our son so I could work. She called and told me on Thursday night that the client wanted them to stay over the weekend. It was apparently cheaper to pay for the hotel for the weekend than it was to fly them home and then back again Sunday night or Monday morning. So on Friday night her and her co-worker go out to a club theyed found that had live music. She meets a guy there and starts dancing with him, her co-worker is ready to leave but she asks the guy she’s met if he’d be willing to give her a ride back to her hotel and he agrees. So now it’s just her and the guy. His name is Wil by the way. I’ll skip to them leaving. They get into his car and she immediately starts removing her pants and panties. When he questions her about it, she tells him she wants to perform oral sex on him while he fingers her. He declines the offer. She however doesn’t stop removing her pants and when they are off, she asks him if he’d like to take a picture of her shaved nether region. She says she she doesn’t mind if he takes pictures or videos. She then, since he turned down the oral pleasure while he was driving, asks if she can perform it on him while they are still parked. To which he agrees. So, here they are, either parked on the street or in a parking lot, her nude from the waist down performing oral sex on this man. Once he was done, she sat back in her seat and enjoyed “herself” while he drive to her hotel. Once at the hotel, he helped her get dressed and up to her room they went. Now, unbeknownst to her or him. Both her work blackberry and personal cell phone had fallen out of the back pockets of the jeans she’d had on. Once in her room, they have sex. He asks her if she wants to join him in the shower and she declines. While he’s toweling off, he happens to notice both her engagement and wedding ring sitting on the counter besides the sink. When he re-enters the room proper he asks her if she’s married, to which she reply’s, “why would you think I’m married?”. He then throws her rings at her and tells her he found them sitting on the sink. She calmly sits up, puts her rings back on and says, yes I’m married. Is that a problem for you? There’s a long verbal exchange between the two of them and to get him to forgive her for lying, she offers him another sexual delight that she enjoys that a lot of women won’t do. It is at this point that he begins taking pictures and videos of her performing numerous sexual acts on him and the sexual act that she offered him. Move to the bathroom and there’s video of him performing this sexual act on her while she’s bent over the sink and he’s using the mirror to video it. Once completed, he again takes a shower and she joins him this time, she gives him her phone number and he tells her he’ll call her, which he actually has no intention of doing. See his ex wife had cheated on him with one of his best friends, so he has a deep seated hatred for cheaters. My ex asked him not to post the pictures of videos online and but post them he did.

Now, I know all this because the told me and sent me pictures and some excerpts of the videos he took. Oh, did I mention this all took place just one week after our 5th Anniversary?

Later that summer, I caught her having cyber sex while playing an online pool game. I won’t go into detail on this, but I’d noticed her smiling, blushing and or giggling a lot while on her computer and she’d never tell me what was so funny when I’d ask. She’d just say nothing. Once I caught her, I realized that it had been going on since May. I caught her in August and it didn’t stop until September. So it was going on for 5 months.

Now, I didn’t let her know that I knew about any of the cheating. In my dumbass mind, I didn’t want to hurt her by letting her know that I knew. She’d told me some fairly heinous sexual acts she’d performed while she was a child. On family members and other children so I didn’t want to hurt her by making her possibly relive those same feelings. She’d done some therapy because of her childhood sexual acts and I thought our marriage would end if I told her because she would be so ashamed of cheating that she’d no longer want to be with me.

Here’s the really funny thing. After we separated, I didn’t want there to be any secrets between us anymore. I hadn’t realized that after finding out about the cheating and catching her in the act of cyber sex, that I start d pulling away from her. I started retreating more and more into my self. The kicker to all this is that after telling her that I knew about Wil, in Boston. She had the stones to tell me I aided and abetted him getting into her pants. Woman, I was 500 miles away raising our son, how could I possibly aid this guy getting you in bed? See, it’s my fault she cheated on me.


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